Host a RMTTA Training Class

Are you tired of sending officers to training and paying for travel and lodging?

If you are considering hosting an RMTTA training event to obtain training at a reduced rate or no charge, don't hesitate to contact us directly at

We can eliminate both costs by sending instructor(s) to you rather than sending students to us. This allows your agency to put more people through the training potentially.

Host Agency Commitments

"Hosting" RMTTA training requires some leg work from the host agency.

  • Assist the RMTTA: Direct coordination of training venues for EACH training day: classroom, appropriate training venues suitable for training, live-fire ranges, etc.

  • Live Fire range classes: Host agencies are responsible for providing an appropriate live fire range, target backers, sticks, target stands, staplers, staples, and paper targets.

"Comp" or "Free" seat criteria:

  • "Hosting," an RMTTA training course guarantees that your agency will be provided free training.
  • Comp or no charge seats in any RMTTA Basic SWAT, Basic Sniper, and Annual Conference training are determined case-by-case.
  • The RMTTA does NOT guarantee free or no-charge seats for all training events.
  • All comp or free spots are pre-approved by the director of training and depend on the size of the class.


Possibly, the most critical part of the planning process for any training course is securing a location conducive to the event's requirements.

Depending on the class, the host agency may be responsible for procuring the following:

  • Classroom
  • Live-fire Range
  • House(s)
  • Building(s)
  • Structure(s)
  • School(s)

Logistical Support

Hosting a training course starts when the agreement is initiated with RMTTA.

  • Pre-Event: Once confirmed, coordinate the training event with the RMTTA to locate and secure classrooms, ranges, and other venues as needed. The host agency and RMTTA will coordinate marketing for the course.

  • Event: Assist with logistics and attendee needs, possible after-class time/hours issues - venue changes, weather issues, etc.

Benefits of Hosting an RMTTA Training Course

The primary benefit of hosting is convenience. Training in a venue close to home saves money and time.

The RMTTA is committed to providing training within budget constraints and reason.

Classroom needs:

  • Tables and chairs for twenty-four (24) adults.

  • Audio/visual capabilities: LCD/PowerPoint projector with screen, speakers capable of sound projection into the classroom, or large screen TV with HDMI port.

  • Appropriate temperature regulation for classroom settings.

  • Bathrooms, both male and female.

Training venues can be one or multiple locations with the following:

  • School, office building, church, or training building.

  • Power, lighting, and running water are always preferred.

  • Large, open room accommodating twenty-four adults for movement drills and weapons flow (example – gymnasium).

  • Multiple rooms.

  • Stairwells.

  • Hallways with multiple doorways.

  • Areas outside to coordinate arrival and staging of responders.

  • Both male and female bathrooms are in the building or within walking distance.